It’s too hot, it’s too windy, it’s too cold, it’s rainy… and you do not want a PB partner who is grumpy, too shy or too competitive….

NONE of the above at the PPA social sessions.

With only indoor and fantastic venues around Perth area, you will be among like-minded people who want to have fun, welcome all new players in a way that you feel part of this family, are non seriously competitive (or seriously non-competitive ..!?) and with all abilities.


You heard about this strange game but never tried… come and join us. However, be aware about the major risk you take, and which may change your life:

The risk to love it and to be hooked..!!!  


You know the game but never tried PPA sessions…in this case, do not wait for a special occasion and indulge yourself by booking a PPA session these coming days 


You already play outdoor in the cold, the wind and the rain with a shy but grumpy and competitive partner… in this case, we are sorry for you.. ☹ but we may have a solution…

Fee: $15 per session of 2 hours

All abilities - minimum age 14 years old