Utmost goal for pickleball players… FUN

Fun will come with a great play, within a nice environment, among like-minded people in a non-competing but supportive and cheerful atmosphere.

PB Boost is all the above.

PB Boost gives the opportunity for new players to learn the game by receiving instructions from Philippe and Manny about the basics, by getting used to the paddle and the ball and practicing serves to be able to play a match after less than half an hour.

Guidance will be extended during matches... Apply… Have fun... Repeat... (And, please, stop laughing and serve... 😁)..!!!

You are not a new player… you have a certain experience, you know how to hit the ball, how to get it over the net, but the drop shot is not one of your best hit, the serve is there… or not😁 and you wonder “how can I slice and spin the ball like Philippe…??”

We will share tips, information and even secrets never revealed. Seriously...!!?? … yes ... but with FUN

You will leave after two hours with a little tear, a big smile, relaxed as ever and you will count the days before the next session…

Fee: $15 per session of 2 hours

All abilities - minimum age 14 years old